Customers. Satisfaction. Growth.
Building a Strong and Successful Business Through Customer Satisfaction.
Why Customer Satisfaction is Important:
Your customers provide your business with the sales and revenue it needs to survive.
Customer sales pay for overhead such as salaries and benefits for employees.
High customer satisfaction means more customers come back time and time again.
Repeat customers do not require advertising like new customers do.

Why Are Our Manuals So Effective?
When it comes to training, results really count. So we have designed out Training Manuals
to help get you the results you need in less time and with less effort!

Our Training Manuals
are Easy!

Our training manuals are easy to read and understand. We do our
best to make training fun!

We Get Great Results in Less Time!

Time is valuable and results are as well. So our manuals are designed to get you great results FAST!

Our Manuals are Very
Cost Effective!

Our Training Manuals easily fit
into any company or personal training budget

Our Training Improves Personal Performance!

People with higher level skills and more in demand and earn the highest salaries!
Here is the Customer Service Training
Product of the Month!
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CSTI Training Manuals Come in Several Different Formats!
Whatever your need might be, CSTI has it covered with Training Manuals in some of the most popular reading formats!

customer service training
Kindle Format
Kindle Books are the ultimate in convenience! You can store our entire product catalog on your Kindle and take it with you wherever you want!
Train on the way to work, while you are lying on the beach or when you are on the plane. Wherever you might be, our Kindle format training publications can be right there with you!
Kindle books are downloaded automatically through Amazongs Whispernet system so you can get started in minutes!
Paperback Format
Sometimes nothing feels better than holding a real book in your hands! Paperbacks are for more than just the traditionalists among us!
Paperback formatted books allow you to mark up pages, highlight important sections and use good old fashioned book marks!
If you like paperbacks, this is just the right format for you!

customer service training

customer service training
Adobe PDF Format
Adobe format allows you to read your book electronically on your computer and easily store it on your hard drive. But Adobe PDF books also allow you the flexibility of being able to print out the important or extremely relevant pages or even the entire book if you need to!
Almost all computers have the Adobe reader software but if yours does not, you can get it for free at
This is the most popular non-word processor reading format.
That’s Cool but Why Should I use Your Manuals?
Not all training manuals are created equal. When it comes to getting the results you need with the least cost and inconvenience, CSTI has the best system designed for people just like you!

Our Manuals Fit Your Schedule!

No scheduled classes or long
periods of time are required. You train when you can!

Train At Your
Own Pace!

No more getting bored or left
behind! Train as slow or as fast
as you want!

No Travel Expenses
are Required!

No meals or lodging or expensive travel expenses are needed. Train when and where you want!

The Utmost in

When you pick the time, place and schedule, you have the most flexibility possible!
CSTI Wants You to Be Part of Our Customer Family!
We are nothing without you, our customer or visitor. We would like to invite you to share your thoughts and ideas when it comes to our training manuals and other Customer Service Training products. Help us Become your #1 resource!
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