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Get a complete course in Customer Service with a Personalised Certificate of Completion Suitable for framing and dispaying in your office or place of business!

Customer Service

Designed & Created By a Certified Customer Service Training Professionals With Over 35 Years of Experience!

Train Your Entire Staff! Special Group Discounts Make Training Everyone Easy & Economical!

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No Travel Expenses, Costly Seminars, or Any Additional costs Involved!

Customer Service Certification can play a very important role in the success of your business. A customer service certification shows your customers that you care enough about them to invest time and resources into providing the very best for them. Having a Customer Service Certification certificate hanging on your wall brings you instant credibility in the eyes of the customer.

Do You:

  • Want to show your company that you have the skills to properly take care of your customers?

  • Want to show others that you have the skills necessary to do the job right?

  • Want a Certificate to hang on the wall so your customer can see you have what it takes to help them with their problems?

  • Want to reward employees for their work in taking Customer Service Training?

If so, our Downloadable Customer Service Certification Program in Customer Service may be just what you're looking for! We include the very best of our Customer Service  Training publications and put them all on one easy to use download page! Get access immediately so you can start improving your skills the very same day!

This Customer Service Certification course, developed by  Certified Customer Service Trainers with over 35 years of Customer Service experience, will take you through both basic and advanced Customer Service techniques that will enable you to provide a World-Class Customer Service experience to all your customers regardless of industry or environment!

Read the material, study it, apply it, and when you feel you're ready, take the enclosed test. Send us back the test and, if you pass, we will send you a full color certificate suitable for framing that will show everyone that you have the skills you need to take care of customers and drive a World -Class Customer Service Team!

Customer Service Certification is Important!

Imagine the power of having your customers see that you are Certified in Customer Service Techniques! Proudly displaying your Customer Service Certification behind your counter or on your office wall gives you a silent advantage over your competition. Telling your customers you care is one thing, but having every customer see it on the wall is another!

Not only that but imagine how having an angry customer see your certificate on the wall when they come in with a complaint. It just might soften their anger or at least reassure them. All without you saying a single word!

As an individual, are you aware that customer service skills are among the most sought after skills by Human Resource people and job placement services? Imagine how you could create a great impression by enclosing a copy of your Customer Service Certification in with a resume of including it in your portfolio! It just might separate you from the rest of the pack!

Get these advantages with our Instant Download Training:

  • Get started today. Download the materials within minutes after purchase!

  • No waiting for books, CD's, tapes or manuals to arrive!

  • No costly seminars, travel expenses, or meal costs!

  • Train on your schedule and at your own pace!

  • Always have the complete training at your fingertips to use whenever you need it!

  • The certificate shows your customers you care enough about them to dedicate your time and efforts to serve them better!

Our download Customer Service Certification program cost is only $74.95 and includes everything you need to earn a certificate in Customer Service Training! 

You get:

  • Our Master Customer Service Training Package which includes 7 of  our popular Customer Service Training publications! (Customer Service Basics, Customer Service for Front Line Personnel, Customer Service for Service Technicians, Conflict Resolution, Service Recovery, Great Customer Service Over The Telephone, How To Interact With Any Kind of Customer)

  • Bonus material to help you apply what you've learned and improve your skills!

  • A test for you to take and send to us for grading.

  • A full color certificate upon successful completion of the program for you to hang on your wall, show to your boss or prospective employers! Even scan it and place it on your website!

Imagine Having A Certificate On Display In Your Office, Showroom,
 On The Wall behind Your Counter, Or Even On Your Website!

Show Your Customers That You Care About Them and Their Needs!


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