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Dear Friend:

Greetings! Customer Service Training is one of the most important parts of running a successful business but sometimes it can either be totally neglected or difficult to find. Because of this, 30 years ago, The Customer Service Training Institute was formed.

Hi, my name is David.

I have well over 40 years of Customer Service experience in the private sector, financial sector and with both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. I am a Certified Trainer in Customer Service and I have spent my career training people just like you how to provide the very best customer service experience to each and every one of their customers.

It's Not Just What You Do - It's How You Do It That Counts!

When it comes to customer service, it is often how you do the things that make the difference between satisfying a customer and having them run for the door! Sometimes even the most well intentioned act can result in customers leaving never to come back. The worst part is that they never tell you why they left!

When this happens you feel disappointed and maybe a little frustrated. You wonder if you could have, or should have, handled the situation better. You wonder if you did something, or said something wrong.

The problem is that today, business is more competitive than ever. With the growing Internet presence and on-line shopping, customers have more options available to them than at any time before. They can compare products, prices, benefits, and more in minutes from the comfort of their own home! Because they have more options, you have to find ways to get people to buy from you not your competition!

Knowledge Is Power! - Become A "Customer Magnet!"

The fact is, most of us want to provide great service. We want people to come and do business with us rather than our competition. We also want to become more efficient, more productive, and have less stress in our daily work environment. Wanting is not the problem, getting the training is the problem.

Seminars can cost you several hundred dollars (plus travel expenses, hotels, and time off from work), and can be inconvenient to attend. Most local Collages, or schools don't teach these skills (though they should!) but even then, taking a College course is even more time-consuming.

The best answer is self-paced training. Our manuals let you get the training and information you need in a convenient and efficient manner. train in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office and do it on your schedule. As little as 15 minutes a day can give you the skills you need to provide World-Class Customer Service to your customers!

Our Manuals Are Fun & Easy To Read!

Nothing ruins training than some boring old text book or handbook. Our manuals are written so that everyone will enjoy reading them and understand the information in them. They are not filled with pictures, graph, filler or anything like that. Just the information you need so you get it quickly and easily! 

Take a look at a couple of samples from two of the training manuals in this set:

Click Here For A Sample From Customer Service Basics!

Click Here For A Sample From Conflict Resolution!

You will be surprised to see just how easy it is to learn and implement the tips and techniques contained in these manuals! With our instant download technology, you can order these manuals this morning and be ready to make meaningful improvements this afternoon! 

These are the manuals you get in this great package:

  • Customer Service Basics
  • Customer Service Recovery
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service For Frontline Personnel
  • Customer Service Training For Service Technicians
  • Great Customer Service Over The Telephone

These are the same techniques I used to go from "new employee" to "employee of the year" in my first year on the job! Hey, anyone can do this. All you need is a little bit of time, this manual set, and the desire to make some really easy changes.

What's In It For You????

The bottom line is that no one is going to buy something or learn something if there is no benefit to it. The fact is, Customer Service Training has so many benefits, it is difficult to list them on one page. But, here are some of the main benefit you will receive from taking the training in this manual set:

    • Increased customer satisfaction. When you treat customers right, they come back. Plain and simple.

    • Increased customer retention. All businesses need to keep their existing customers in order to survive and grow.

    • Reduced stress in the workplace and in life. Being able to interact better with people can dramatically reduce daily stress.

    • Self-Paced training let's you work within your schedule. No matter how much or little time you have, you can do this!

    • These skills are among the most sought after skills by human resource and employment specialists.

    • These skills increase you productivity and efficiency, allowing you to get more accomplished in the same amount of time.

    • You get the skills you need, in a short amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience

    • Instant downloads get you started fast! It's possible to make meaningful progress the same day you order!

  • And much, much more!

You Know The Skills You Need, You've Seen 
The Benefits You'll Receive... 

Now See Why You Need To Start Your Training NOW!

The hardest part of doing anything new is to take the first step. Some people have all kinds of excuses (it's too hard, it's too expensive, I don't have the education, etc...) but we have done our best to remove each and every one of them. The fact is, anyone can do this, everybody needs these skills, and everyone should take this training.

So we wanted to blow one excuse "right out of the water"!

If purchased separately, these manuals would cost over $87.00 and that is a still a great price for six information packed volumes! 

But with this offer you can buy these six Customer Service Training Manuals, with a retail price of over $87, for the special price of just $37.95 That's less than $7 a manual!

Plus, order now and get A FREE BONUS PUBLICATION!

As if we needed to make this an even better offer, we will also include a bonus publication if you order now! For those placing orders under this limited time offer, we will also include "7 Days To Better Customer Service" which will help you take what you have read and apply it in the workplace! We all know the key to success and results is how we apply our knowledge and this publication shows you step by step how to do just that!

Why Are We Making This Offer?

First of all, there is no "catch". You get the six manuals for the great price of just $37.95 and there is nothing else to buy. Ever. It's a great offer with no strings attached.

We are offering this to you because we KNOW that you are going to love these manuals and learn a lot from them. We are pretty sure you will come back to us for your future training needs and (this is something you'll learn in the manuals) repeat customers are the key to success for every business!

You see, this is a classic win-win situation (Something else you will learn.....). You get a great deal and we get a new customer. Instant downloading is a win-win too! You get your product within minutes and we don't have to incur printing costs which keeps our costs (and your price!) down at the same time! Classic win-win!

There Is No Risk Whatsoever!

Look, you don't know me and you know The Customer Service Training Institute as just a web site. Maybe your a little skeptical. I know I would be! So, let me eliminate another "excuse". We will give you a 30 day money back guarantee on your purchase! A 100% no hassle, no worries guarantee!

100% money-back guarantee

( with no questions asked.)

Read the manuals. Use the information in your job or workplace. See how well it works for you. If you don't think it is everything we said it was, just let us know and we will refund your money. That's all your money. No shipping charges, no "restocking fees", just 100% of your $37.95 returned to you if you're not satisfied.

That's what we like to see when we purchase products so why should we offer you anything less?

This Is A Limited Time Offer & Is Available Only From THIS Page!

Unfortunately, we cannot run this special sale forever. This offer is a limited time offer and we have designated a limited number of packages at this special price. You could purchase this same manual set at any time from our regular website but you will pay the full $87.00 price. Even the price of this offer is likely to increase shortly! You can only access this order from this page so take advantage of this special one time offer now.

So, why not take the first step and purchase your manual set today? You can't really have an excuse left can you? I thought we did a great job eliminating those! We've made it easier than ever to take that important first step and start making your business or career more enjoyable, more productive, and more efficient.

It's Easy To Order Your Customer Service Manual Set, too!

We have made it easy to order, too! Just click on the button below to order your Customer Service Training Manual set. We use PayPal to handle all our transactions which means you are also protected under the PayPal Buyer Protection Guarantee! So, you have not one guarantee but two for your protection!

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