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October 12,2015

Getting customers to calm down can be a daunting task. whenever anyone, customer or employee, is angry or upset, the ability to communicate is severely compromised. This is because we are no longer talking or communicating with reason and common sense but instead we are communicating through our emotions.

Communication is effective only when both parties are actively engaged and willing to listen to what each other are saying. Our minds must be open and receptive and not clouded by anger or other emotions. In other words, we must be willing to think with an open mind. We must be able to think rationally.

Another reason for being calm is that when we are angry we spend much more time thinking about our anger and our responses that we do not spend much time at all really listening to what the other person is saying. We jump to conclusions, concentrate on the wrong things and actually convince ourselves that things are going badly when it fact they might be going quite well.

We also tend to “dig in” and refuse to alter our position or demands as well when we are angry. Even when we know something is fair or even to our advantage we might continue to escalate strictly out of emotion. This is especially true whenever a dispute is held in public with other people around.

The best way to deal with these situations is by first trying to calm the customer down. Tell them you are trying to help them. Do little things to get them in a calmer state of mind. Escalate to a manager if you must. Express empathy. Make them understand that you are there to help resolve the problem and make them happy again.

Do not expect to accomplish all of this is one quick action. That usually will not happen. But doing little things bit by bit with each action making the customer just a bit less angry will often help you calm down a customer and get them to where meaningful and effective communication can now take place.

This is the best way to not only resolve problems but also for communicating with anyone at any time. Always try to get people in a neutral or positive frame of mind before trying to tackle the real issue. You will have more success in less time when you follow this approach.

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When it Comes to Customer Service, Always Remember:

The customer might not always be right but the customer is always the customer! Treat Your Customers Well!

You cannot expect anyone to know what to do unless you train them first! Give your employees the Customer Service Training they need to provide a world class customer experience!

Always remember that your customers have choices! They will go elsewhere if they are not happy! Never give them a reason to go anywhere else!

It can cost up to 10 times more to bring a new customer into your business than it does to keep an existing customer happy! Customer Service Training doesn’t cost you money, it SAVES you money!

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