Customer Service Recovery
Skills & Techniques
Lern How to Recover When Things Go Wrong! These Are Critical Customer Service Skills!
Whenever things go wrong (and they will!) it is how you react at first that will help determine how the situation will proceed. Learn how to take a negative situation and diffuse it and turn it into a memorable and positive experience!
customer service recovery


  Are you losing existing customers to your competition?
Are your customers leaving and you don't know why?
Is your market share eroding instead of growing?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, you need to learn,

Service Recovery Techniques!

  • What do you do when a problem arises with a customer?

  • How do you handle customer service situations when something has gone wrong?

  • Do you accept the fact that some of your customers will leave no matter what you do?

   It's a fact of life. No company, or individual, goes through an extended period of time when everything goes right. No matter how hard we try, how thoroughly we plan and prepare, there will be times when things just go wrong. Can you guard against these customer service nightmares? Sure! Can you eliminate them entirely? No! The key to success is dealing with these situations in a productive and positive manner!

Service Recovery Techniques teaches you, or your employees:

  • How to initially react to Customer Service problems in a quick and positive manner.

  • Why you should view customer service problems as opportunities instead of problems that should be avoided.

  • How to arrive at solutions that are cost effective yet address the customers need!

  • How to establish your customers real value to your company!

  • What to do when a customer makes outrageous requests or demands!

   Service Recovery is a combination of good customer service and fiscal responsibility. Proper Service Recovery means knowing the value of your customer and the costs associated in keeping that customer happy! Customer Service with Fiscal responsibility!

   Service Recovery Techniques provides you with the information and customer service techniques that will enable you to turn negative situations into positive statements about your company. Proper Service Recovery techniques will allow you to keep your customers happier with a minimum of expense! Remember, every customer you lose is another customer gained by your competition! Don't give your competition any advantage! Start increasing your customer retention efforts today! If you are involved with direct customer contact on any level, Service Recovery Techniques will be a valuable additional to your customer service skills! Let Service Recovery Techniques start working for you and your business today!

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