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Dental Office Customer service: How is it defined?

Dental Office Customer service: How is it defined?

March 24, 2020 @ 3:03 am
by infowhsecsti

When you hear the term ‘good customer service’ what comes to your mind? Having ‘good’ customer service is a term that is not necessarily defined the same by everyone!

Why does this matter? Because if you ask your dental team what their understanding of customer service is and more importantly, their definition of GOOD customer service, chances are you will receive a handful of different answers. The answers you receive will depend greatly upon factors like, where that person grew up, and the way they see it through their filters, their experiences, and through their ‘glasses’.

Before you have one more conversation with your dental team about customer service, check out the following overview of questions Laura discusses in this video!

#1 – What is customer service in a dental office?
#2 – How do you define what good customer service really means?
#3 – Why does it matter?

Have you asked your dental team yet? How many differing answers did you receive? We would love to hear your answers. Add yours to the comments below, then be sure to subscribe before you go, to be notified about our upcoming video releases!

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