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Employee Customer Service Training

Employee Customer Service Training

June 29, 2020 @ 7:04 pm
by infowhsecsti

The value Employee customer service training will bring to your organization.

The training is divided into 3 main modules:

– Module 1: Understanding the concept of customer service.
– Module 2: Understanding customer needs and how to create value for them.
– Module 3: Customer service best practices and professional ethics.

At the end of module one, your employees would:

– Understand what customer service is and why it is important for the company, for the customers and the employees themselves.
– Understand the concept of customer experience and the role they have to play in it.
– Identify the customer focus skills they need and how to cultivate them.

Module two takes your employees into the customers’ mind. At the end of this module your employees would be able to:

– Identify what customers’ needs are and the things that lead to customer satisfaction.
– Learn new ways of engaging customers so as to understand what they truly need.
– Know what motivates customers and how to keep them happy.

In the last module, your employees will have a retrospection on how they have been treating customers till this point and learn the appropriate behavior towards customers and the company. At the end of this module employees would be able to:

– Compare their past behavior with the expected behavior and identify areas of personal improvement.
– Learn how to communicate with customers using positive language and how to respond to angry and difficult customers.
– Learn the customer service code of conduct and new behavioral patterns to adopt.

The training uses a practical approach with simple examples that paint a clear picture of what good or bad customer service is and why it is important to choose good customer service.
The course is designed to shape attitudes and to give employees a new start. It offers the company a better shot at improving overall customer experience.

The course is good for onboarding new employees and for on the job training. Customer service is the new competitive advantage. This training gives your employees the tools they need to deliver winning customer experiences.

Once you register your employees, we would give then access to our online learning app. They can either study on the web or using their phones. Once they log in to their accounts in the app, they can download all the training videos and take the training from home, without interrupting their work schedules. At the end of each module, they would take a quiz to access their understanding of the concepts learned.

Book an appointment with us now and let us get your team on board.

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