Great Customer Service
Over the Telephone!
The Telephone Could Be Your Greatest Sales Tool or Your Worst Enemy! Learn How to Properly Use this Common Tool!
Everyone uses the phone every day in their lives but how many of us really understand how to use this important device properly? Learn how to avoid very common mistakes that turn off customers and cost you sales and profits!
telephone customer service

Great Customer Service
Over the Telephone!

  • How often does your business use the telephone each day?

  • How many calls does your business get every day?

  • How many of your employees use the phone in your business?

  • Do your employees give the same impression to each and every caller?

  • Do you employees represent your business the way YOU want them to?

    We routinely provide product training, technical training, and sales training to our employees or management but we often forget some of the most important training for everyone in our employ. Virtually everyone employed today uses the telephone in the course of their normal workday. Yet, most of these people have never been taught the best and most effective ways of using this important business tool!

    The fact is, many potential customers are lost due to improper treatment or improper use of the telephone! Poor telephone procedure can give a poor impression of your business and cause the callers to think that your organization does not appreciate their business. Your callers may feel upset, under appreciated, or not respected just because someone said the wrong thing or answered the phone in an improper manner!

    First impressions are the lifeblood of many businesses. Most of the time you will not be given a second chance to impress a customer or earn their trust, respect, and most important, their business! Take the steps required to make sure that every one of your employees knows how you want your customers treated and how they are to represent your company!

    Individuals need this training to insure that they make the best possible impression and make the very best out of every situation. Proper phone use increases product sales, closure rates, and greatly improves customer satisfaction! Proper phone use also reduces customer problems and the stress that often accompanies these situations!

    You can get training in the proper use of the telephone quickly and easily by ordering our training manual, "Great Customer Service Over The Phone!" Available for instant download, this publication can have you using the phone properly and effectively the very same day your order it! Instant download means you can start improving your skills almost immediately! Get the manual in the morning and see results that afternoon! Train in the privacy of your own home or office! No expensive classes or travel expenses! No time off from work!

Great Customer Service Over the Telephone is available in 3 Formats.

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Paperback format is for those readers who prefer an actual physical book.
Physical books are the most expensive option but many like their portability and ease of use for reference.

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