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What is great customer service?

July 18, 2020 @ 3:04 am
by infowhsecsti
http://www.serviceskills.com – America’s Premier Online Soft-Skills Training http://www.telephonedoctor.com – Customer Service DVDs, Workshops & Keynotes ServiceSkills is an award-winning eLearning platform that improves the way your team communicates with customers and coworkers. This affordable system delivers world-class skills designed to raise customer satisfaction levels, reduce employee turnover and enhance team communication. Hundreds of skill-driven lessons cover the spectrum of workplace topics such as customer service, sales, team effectiveness, diversity, harassment, bullying, best practices for email, conflict resolution, mentoring, managing and more. The platform features video lessons, quizzes, answer feedback, key point…

Leadership Training that Improves Customer Service with The FISH! Philosophy

June 27, 2020 @ 3:05 am
by infowhsecsti
Visit http://www.fishphilosophy.com or call 800.695.4534 to learn more about The FISH! Philosophy. As a leader, your greatest power is the example you set and the relationships you build while engaging your employees. FISH! For Leaders is a proven leadership training program that has the tools for you to learn how to model attitudes and actions that build employee trust and inspire excellence. Leaders can use high employee engagement to improve employee retention, customer perceptions of service, and other outcomes that will then lead to better financial performance. FISH! Leadership training programs give step-by-step instructions for business owners to frontline supervisors […]

What Do They Want, How? – Sales and Customer Service Training Video Preview from Seminars on DVD

June 13, 2020 @ 3:07 pm
by infowhsecsti
Access the full length version at http://bit.ly/WhatDoTheyWantHow or see a full list of our programs at https://seminarsondemand.com/seminars/ Most salespeople and service professionals use the spray and pray approach. They conduct business in a predictable, methodical manner with every prospect or customer, treating them all pretty much the same. The fact is, everybody has a unique way in which they like to be treated, and Dr. Nate Booth shows you how to uncover what’s most important to each individual you deal with. In this basic and profound program, you’ll learn the importance of discovering what people want, and exactly how they […]

Kenyon Salo -Next Level Customer Service Training!-

April 19, 2020 @ 11:03 pm
by infowhsecsti
The James Bond of Motivational Speaking and Keynote Engagements. Professional, Funny, Engaging, Daring, Strategic, Inspirational, Powerful and Always Memorable! Have Kenyon speak at your next event. https://www.espeakers.com/marketplace/v3/profile/27505

Love Your Customers with John O’Hurley – Funny Customer Service Training Video

March 14, 2020 @ 7:03 pm
by infowhsecsti
Funny customer service training video by John O’Hurley!

Customer Service – The Lost Art in Healthcare

January 23, 2020 @ 7:06 pm
by infowhsecsti
Are you ready to take your career in healthcare to the next level in 2020? http://bit.ly/3aptpgF Customer Service – The Lost Art in Healthcare Visit my website: http://gregtoddtv.com/ Register to my Free Mentoring Group: http://mentorwithgreg.com Like my Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/theptbuilder Follow me on Instagram and twitter: @gregtoddpt Visit my website: http://gregtoddpt.com/

Customer Service Success and Leadership – Guest Focus – Customer Service Training

December 3, 2019 @ 7:03 pm
by infowhsecsti
Published on Jul 3 2017 Customer Service Training Video! Learn Great Customer Service at http://thetonyjohnson.com/ In this video I will share a personal story about my move and what I learned about Customer service from the Guest POV. Also, we will discuss how to optimize your supply chain and delivery methods for maximum Customer satisfaction. If you are a supervisor, manager, or executive who leads people, this is a GREAT TRAINING VIDEO to get you on track to deliver great Customer Service. After you watch this you’ll be in a great position to lead your team more effectively and delight […]

Customer Service Attitude Test – What are you like on bad days?

October 9, 2019 @ 7:03 am
by infowhsecsti
Jeff Mowatt shares tips on how to convey a positive attitude – even when dealing with customers who are tired, rushed, and stressed. ABOUT HALL OF FAME BUSINESS SPEAKER, JEFF MOWATT: When it comes to customer service expertise, Jeff didn’t just read the book – he wrote it! He’s the author of the best-selling business books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month and Influence with Ease. He heads his own training company and has written and produced 13 self-study coaching tools. His Becoming a Trusted Advisor column has been syndicated and featured in over 200 business and […]

Last Resort Game Zone – Customer Service Training

September 15, 2019 @ 11:15 pm
by infowhsecsti
Customer Service Training – customized by Servicexcellence

The Formula For Great Customer Experience (Light Series part 1)

September 12, 2019 @ 3:03 pm
by infowhsecsti
How to deliver a great customer experience. Everyone tell you to be customer centric but no one shows you how to do it. We have a formula that helps you give a great customer experience Relevance ( Personalised and meaningful) offer the customer what they want when they need it . Reliability Keep the brand promise Responsiveness ( Listen. Understand. Act.) Listen and listening not with the intent to respond listing to understand. Understanding with the view to act. Convenience ( choice, consistency, and timeliness) Be where the customer needs you .