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Chapter 8: Paradigm. Innovative Customer Service Training. TTQS Model. Hospitality Industry

June 25, 2020 @ 7:04 pm
by infowhsecsti
Join me in this unique Journey to Empower Your Skills. What Are These Soft Skills? Emotional Intelligence. (Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, Social skills.) Communication Skills. Problem Solving Skills. Leadership Skills. Creativity. Teamwork. Adaptability. Work ethic. After Studying this Chapter, you be able to: o Define Paradigm and personal paradigm components that made up our system of thoughts. o Discuss social paradigms and differentiate between personality and character ethics. o Explain how our behaviours and attitudes are not the only answers to see the world differently. o Explain the paradigm shift and why it’s important in customer service. The word “Paradigm” […]