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Blazing Service customer service training program

August 19, 2019 @ 11:03 pm
by infowhsecsti
An overview of Blazing Service®, a blended customer service skills training program, with built-in assessment, tracking and reporting tools. Blazing Service consists of six customizable two-hour segments, designed to help your customer-facing employees develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills, see issues through the customer’s eyes, reduce customer defections, defuse angry customers, recommend system improvements where needed and build long-term customer loyalty. Learn more at www.netspeedlearning.com/blazingservice

Healthcare’s Frontline Customer Service Training

August 18, 2019 @ 11:03 am
by infowhsecsti
Baird Group’s frontline healthcare customer service training, shows how to make every encounter count. It reinforces what was already learned to make training stick like glue. It shows how every employee plays a role in shaping, and improving, the patient experience. Baird Group is proud to announce that this popular frontline healthcare training is now licensed. For more information email or call us at: info@baird-group.com or 866-686-7672 #FrontlineTraining #Healthcare #CustomerServiceTraining #BairdGroup

Customer Service Training – Customer Service Videos – A Holistic Approach to Customer Service

August 16, 2019 @ 7:05 pm
by infowhsecsti
Published on Apr 10 2016 Customer Service Training Video! Learn Great Customer Service at http://thetonyjohnson.com/ In this video I will share the 6 Canons (or fundamentals) of Customer Service. These service basics will help you train your team to deliver great service and DELIGHT your CUSTOMERS. If you are a supervisor, manager, or executive who leads people, this is a GREAT TRAINING VIDEO to get you on track to deliver great Customer Service. After you watch this you’ll be in a great position to lead your team more effectively and delight your Customers. Enjoy the Video and Best Wishes for […]

Abusive Customers: Customer Service Training : Low Cost Rewards for Problem Customers

August 12, 2019 @ 11:03 am
by infowhsecsti
Learn how and why its beneficial to offer low cost rewards to problem customers with expert retail sales management advice in this free online customer service video clip. Expert: Pamela Unruh Bio: Pamela Unruh has been working in the customer service industry for nearly twenty years. She has a great amount of experience on the subject, and has been a corporate trainer in the field. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Why Do I Always Get Them? – Customer Service Training Video Sample

August 12, 2019 @ 7:04 am
by infowhsecsti
This new entertaining and humorous sketch-based film gives participants an opportunity to see, and reflect on, both good and poor customer service. It’s not possible to cover every aspect of customer service in 10-minutes but we think, when you read the accompanying trainer’s notes, that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of learning that can be explored using this video. For example, you can use it to consider skills like empathy, listening, rapport building, managing difficult customers, flexibility, conflict resolution and the role of others. The poor customer service example in the film is based on real events. The […]

IT Career Advice: Customer Service Training Videos

August 8, 2019 @ 11:05 am
by infowhsecsti
http://www.doncrawley.com For success in a career in IT, two separate and distinct skill sets are required. Obviously, you must have outstanding technical skills, especially related to the product(s) you support or your competence. Additionally, you must have an ability to understand, get along with, and influence people or your charisma. In this IT customer service training video, IT author and speaker Don R. Crawley offers great IT career advice as he introduces the competence/charisma four quadrant model as a way to visualize your current situation and identify paths to IT career success.

Abusive Customers: Customer Service Training : Improving Customer Service With Workshops & Seminars

August 6, 2019 @ 3:06 am
by infowhsecsti
Learn how workshops and seminars can help improve a company’s customer service with expert retail sales management advice in this free online customer service video clip. Expert: Pamela Unruh Bio: Pamela Unruh has been working in the customer service industry for nearly twenty years. She has a great amount of experience on the subject, and has been a corporate trainer in the field. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

The Container Store: Customer Service, Sales, and Communication Training with Tom Peters

July 25, 2019 @ 3:03 pm
by infowhsecsti
Watch the complete program and over 350 more (including all the Tom Peters programs) for $99 a year ($8.25 a month) when you subscribe to Trainflix®: https://www.mytrainflix.com/. This is a clip of the training program: “The Container Store: Re-imagine Customer Service and Talent” It’s part of the Tom Peters series Re-Imagine. In this program you’ll see what a unique place The Container Store is. They have achieved legendary status as one of America’s best places to work for five years running as highlighted in Fortune® Magazine. At the same time, they are a leader in both customer service and sales. […]

Customers को WhatsApp, FaceBook, Emails, नहीं भेजो । Customer Service Tips in Hindi

July 22, 2019 @ 3:04 am
by infowhsecsti
आप हैरान होंगे कि इतने WhatsApp messages, FaceBook posts and Emails भेजने क बावजूद आपकी sales क्यों नहीं बढ़ रहीं । This Selling skills video will tell you the reasons and their solutions. This sales training video is the result of my own experience. The business training and professional training should be regular so keep watching our videos to succeed in your business, job or profession. The language used is Hindi with a blend of Punjabi, Urdu and English. TSMadaan Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Sales Trainer Follow me at www.Facebook.com/TSMadaan www.Twitter.com/TSMadaan www.Instagram.com/TSMadaan

Dental Receptionist Customer Service Training Course | New Patient Phone Call Training

July 21, 2019 @ 11:06 pm
by infowhsecsti
www.NPGPhoneTraining.com Learn how to provide 5 Star Customer Service in this new patient phone call training course, while vastly improving conversions. This dental receptionist training course focuses on dental receptionist customer service training. The best dental receptionist phone script ensures your dental receptionist is actually able to perform it at high levels. Therefore, it doesn’t just sit by the phones without anyone actually using it. Our dental receptionist phone training installs commercial skills (customer service, sales fundamentals, etc.) into team members that do not come equipped with that expertise. This dental receptionist online training course are proven to help increase […]