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The Other Skill Set Required for Success in I.T. Careers: Customer Service Training 101

The Other Skill Set Required for Success in I.T. Careers: Customer Service Training 101

February 14, 2020 @ 3:05 pm
by infowhsecsti

https://www.doncrawley.com Careers in I.T./I.S. are often thought of as technical careers. While a thorough knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of the job is required, there’s another aspect that is easy to overlook. Nearly as important in IT education as tech skills is mastering customer service in IT. Good skills in IT service support translate to career success for today’s IT professional. Learning how to provide great customer service in IT can make the difference in job evaluations and career advancement. In this IT course video, IT customer service expert and author Don R. Crawley makes the case for learning how to service customer support as well as technical services.

Don Crawley brings humanity into the world of technology through keynote speeches, conference breakout sessions, corporate training, online training, books, videos, a blog, and a podcast. His work revolves around people skills for I.T. people, including I.T. customer service, teamwork, communication, and compassionate leadership for I.T. managers and supervisors.

Most of Don’s material is created in response to questions and comments he receives from clients, meeting planners, audience members, and Compassionate Geek community members. So, he invites you to SUBSCRIBE and ask any of your customer service, communication, or leadership questions or leave a comment.

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