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Corporate Training Resources!
Material For: Trainers - Human Resource Professionals - Consultants - Counselors

  • Do you have a group of people that you would like to train?

  • Are you a trainer or do you have a trainer on your staff?

  • Do you want to offer on-site Customer Service Training to your staff?

      If so, our Corporate Training Resources can be the answer to all your questions and more! We offer a full training program including manuals, PowerPoint presentations, and exercises that will enable any trainer to provide quality training at your location! Our programs are designed to be interactive which helps every participant understand and apply the material covered in the training program. Interactive programs offer a far greater level of success than lecture formatted programs. Our programs offer a "hands on" approach to customer Service in a controlled and risk-free environment. Participants learn to apply what they have learned without having to "practice" on real customers!

Why Do You or Your Staff Need Customer Service Skills Training?

  • Losing customers is expensive! It can cost 5 - 10 times more to replace a customer than to make an existing customer happy!

  • Making customers happy leads to increased sales and larger sales!

  • Satisfied customers tell their friends! Added sales and leads can help your business grow!

  • Providing better service than your competition makes it easy for your customers to come back time and time again!

  • Good service and satisfied customers reduce the stress on everyone and increases productivity!

 Who Can Do This Training?

      Any current trainer can learn how to present this material effectively. We offer a train-the-trainer manual that will provide all the required knowledge and background required to present this material in the proper way.  This manual discusses the proper mindset of the trainer, the importance of the material itself, and the proper way to present an effective and well planned training session.

      This training material can be used by:

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Business Trainers

  • Consultants

  • Training Professionals

  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Employment Agencies & Outplacement Services

  • Anyone involved in updated skills training 

Why Our Training?

      Our training packages take the guesswork and preparation time away from the trainer! Our packages are complete and include everything you need to put on a very effective training presentation for any size audience! There are no hidden costs or extras to buy! Take a look at what our training manuals include:

  • Manuals take you step by step through the course content

  • Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation helps you create a powerful and effective presentation! This presentation is designed to complement the trainer's manual.

  • Each segment includes alternative or additional exercises to help people apply what they have learned! Interactive exercises provide a greater opportunity to learn!

  • Each lesson is accompanied by an explanation of the focus point of the lesson and why it's important! The focus point gives the Trainer direction on how to present each topic!

  • Each lesson is accompanied by a list of questions designed to initiate discussion of the topic. Discussions help everyone to apply the new information to their job or situation.

  • The entire program is designed to be interactive to increase participation and increase learning! Interactive programs greatly increase the success rate of all participants!

What Are The Benefits To You  & Your Company?

     Much of the expense from training is travel, meals, and costly seminar fees. Add to that increased time off from work and you have a very expensive training option. Very often the costs involved do not make it practical. Doing your own training, or offering this training to others enables you to:

  • Create a very cost effective solution to your Customer Service Training needs.

  • Assure that everyone gets the same training experience by using the same trainer.

  • Tailor the course content to include specific situations and procedures unique to your industry.

  • Create an on-going training program for new employees as they enter the company.

  • Control the size of each training group for maximum attention to every participant!

  • Reduce time off from work and allows you to control time and length of training!

  • Create an impressive training program without the costly research and development costs!

  • Participant Manuals also available with your logo or company name on the cover! (min of 100 manuals required). Create the impression of a custom training program for pennies on the dollar!

Why Interactive? Because Interactive Course Content Means Greater Results!

     It has been documented that courses which involve direct participation are far more effective than lecture formats. By involving each person in the class through discussions, exercises, and role-playing, you allow each participant to think about the content and get a "feel" for it while applying it. This helps bring reality into the subject matter and makes people far lore likely to retain what they learn.

     Our unique interactive design makes presenting material easy! Here's how:

  • Discussion Questions - included after every topic, these questions allow for a dialogue between all participants. These questions are are designed to bring out life experiences and specific information relevant to a wide variety of applications.

  • Focal Point Description - explains the importance of each topic so the trainer is sure how to present the material and provide relevant examples.

  • Optional Exercises - included after each topic is presented, these exercises permit each participant to apply what was just taught and practice each topic in a controlled classroom setting.

     The human mind retains material and information that it feels apply to their individual situation. By using the interactive approach to training, the mind is stimulated and informed in many different ways. Each time the mind discovers something it feels is of value, it files the information away for future use. Interactivity makes this process happen faster and more completely than reading from a book or listening to a speaker.

How Do Costs Compare?

Seminar Costs:

  • Seminars can cost $200 for one day or $400 for a two day seminar PER PERSON!

  • Travel and meal costs can easily add $50- $75 to the cost of the seminar.

  • If your seminar is not available locally, lodging can add $150 -$200 per night!

Total cost per person (without lodging) = $250 - $475 per person

     Cost per 100 participants = $25,000 - $47,500!!!

In-House Training Costs:

  • Initial purchase of Train-The- Trainer and Customer Service Basics Set =  $400.00 (See Limited Time Special Below!)

  • Participant licensing and workbooks $40.00 ea

  • NO travel!

  • NO meal expenses!

  • NO lodging costs!

  • Licensing fees* per participant are included in the cost of the participant manual!

  • No hidden or extra fees!

    Total cost per 100 participants = $400 plus $4,000 (100 manuals @ $40.00) = $4,400
(SEE Special Price Below!)

    Savings To You and Your Company = $20,600 - $33,100

    Each additional 100 participants is only $4,000 (See Special Price Below!)


Available Training Packages


Train - The - Trainer Package

     This package includes a detailed training manual with an accompanying PowerPoint presentations that guides you through the program. The program details the correct mindset of teaching Customer Service as well as how to create and present an effective class. This package is a prerequisite to anyone purchasing our Trainer Packages.

Special Limited Time Introductory Pricing! Prices Subject to change Without Notice!

Cost of the Train-The-Trainer Package:  

$150.00 for both the Trainer's Manual & PowerPoint Presentation (plus $12.95 S&H)


"Unlocking The Mystery of Great Customer Service" Package

     This package provides the course content for a two day Customer Service Training session. Included are a Trainer's Manual and accompanying PowerPoint presentation that co-ordinates with the manual. The course content is designed to be interactive and includes additional exercise, discussion questions, and information required to present an effective training session. Matching Participant Manuals available separately below. Train-The-Trainer package must also be purchased by all first-time purchasers.


Cost of the "Unlocking The Mystery of Great Customer Service Package" Package:

$300.00 for both the Trainer's Manual & PowerPoint Presentation (plus $12.95 S&H)

  $20.00 each for Participant Manuals License (minimum order of 10 req.) Quantity discounts available.
Cost of Participant Manuals include the licensing fee required to use the material contained in the presentation. Participant Manuals can be purchased separately as desired once the Trainer's Manual has been purchased. Trainer's Manual does not include any licensing fees for participants as required. You MUST pay a licensing fee for the use of the material to each person that you train. The licensing fee is included in the price of the manual. The fee charged per manual is for one participant only. Manuals may not be reused with other participants without paying an additional licensing fee. Please contact us for fee information if you are not purchasing a manual for every participant.

Special Offer For First-Time Buyers! Limited Time Only! (SEE Special Price Below!)

   Get both the Train-The-Trainer Manual and The "Unlocking The Mystery" Packages For Just:

$400.00  Includes both training manuals & PowerPoint presentations via Instant Download

$20.00 each for Participant Manuals (minimum order of 10 req.) Quantity discounts available.

NOTE: All prices quoted based on material used within the Continental United States. Sales tax, if applicable is not included. For shipments outside the continental United States, please contact us for a price quote.


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