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  • Customer Service Basic Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Service Recovery Skills
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Customer Service Training for Managers
  • Frontline Customer Service Skills
  • Call Center Agent Training
  • Great Telephone Customer Service
  • Interacting with All Kinds of Customers
  • Creating Customers for Life
At the Customer Service & Management Training Institute, we provide top quality training products designed to provide excellent results in very little time and in a very cost effective manner. Our training materials require no previous knowledge and no special skills. Our training materials are self-paced meaning that anyone, no matter how busy, can get the skills they need to succeed! Plus, businesses of all sizes can utilize our training materials to provide critical skills to everyone at affordable prices.

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Products from CSTI & Our Training Partners

Self-Paced On-Line Customer Service Training Manuals & Courses designed to get the best results in the shortest amount of time! Our training manuals can fit into even the busiest schedule and you are in total control every step of the way! The perfect choise for individual and business training needs!
Course-Smart offers a wide variety of career courses to fit every skill set. From video game design to investing, marketing and many other training courses. These high quality video courses provide you the information and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and help turn dreams and goals into reality!
Success Instructors focuses on courses that help people become successful in both their careers and in their every day life. Their success transformation course can help you develop the best habits and thought processes so you achieve much more in much less time. This course is likely to become the gold standard in success education in the future!

Grab All of These Online Course Advantages!

Ease of Use!
Our training materials are easy to understand and are written so that everyone can get the skills they need to succeed in a relatively short period of time..

No Set Schedule!
Train as fast or as slow as you want. No more getting lost because things are going too fast or getting bored because things are going too slow. You set the pace!

No Wasted Time!
Unlike seminars and classes, you will not be wasting time and money travelling to remote locations! Train when and where you want for maximum efficiency!

Fits into ANY Schedule!
Our training works with any schedule. You set the time, the days and how long the sessions will be. You are in total control from the start!

Customized Training!
You choose the courses according to your own needs. Don't waste time taking classes that are not going to help you get the right skills or knowledge! Spend your time getting exactly what you need NOW!

Our Training is Affordable!
Most people are shocked at just how affordable our training materials are. But don't confuse price and quality. Our products are of the highest quality but competitively priced!

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